Kevin Riddle
P. O. Box 40, Eagle Rock, VA 24085

Pitchforks: Appalachian Mountain style are made from a single piece of white oak wood, are about 66 inches long. I make pitchforks with 3 to 5 tines. "Tine" is from the old English word for prong or thorn. They are finished with linseed oil, and are serviceable.

With 3 tines: $75

4 tines: $85

5 tines: $95

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Ox Yokes

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Demonstrations and Programs

I offer informative talks and demonstrations on Appalachian folk life and crafts for schools, conventions, and resort groups.

Programs can be tailored to your group's needs and interests.


Using old "tinsmith" techniques, I fashion copper into pans, washtubs, and apple butter kettles up to 60 gallon size. Custom work is available unless you ask for a moonshine still.


Using a drawknife, shaving bench, and other traditional tools, I rough hewn green logs into benches, ox yokes, pitchforks, and related custom work.