Kevin Riddle
P. O. Box 40, Eagle Rock, VA 24085

Having chosen to continue with a less complex lifestyle, I do not have a computer at home. I check my emails, a few times a week, at my local library.

Contact me:

Kevin Riddle
P. O. Box 40
Eagle Rock, VA 24085

Shipping and ordering:

Please realize that handcrafted does not equate to overnight delivery. Because of my constant backlog of orders, I usually have very few items on hand. Some items such as large copper kettles may take up to a year to complete. Please order early if you have a specific cooking date. No deposit is required on regular type items - only on custom designed items. Most smaller items, including hayforks, can be shipped to you. I prefer using the Post Office. Larger kettles must be shipped by truck freight. This can be expensive and sometimes risky. It is usually better for you to pick them up. Please be mindful that a 60 gallon kettle and its steel stand will not fit in a compact car!

Looking for something else in traditional hand crafts?

I have an informal network with many other authentic traditional artisans. Let me know what you need and I will try to help you.

Thank you,

Demonstrations and Programs

I offer informative talks and demonstrations on Appalachian folk life and crafts for schools, conventions, and resort groups.

Programs can be tailored to your group's needs and interests.


Using a drawknife, shaving bench, and other traditional tools, I rough hewn green logs into benches, ox yokes, pitchforks, and related custom work.


Using old "tinsmith" techniques, I fashion copper into pans, washtubs, and apple butter kettles up to 60 gallon size. Custom work is available unless you ask for a moonshine still.