Kevin Riddle
P. O. Box 40, Eagle Rock, VA 24085

I am a native Appalachian Mountain craftsman. My family has been in the southern Appalachian mountains for many generations. My parents started married life in an old log house on my great-grandfather's land. What they passed down to me from my scots-irish ancestors has been a collection of folk ways and skills that has allowed us to survive in our rugged and isolated region. I was raised with the attitude of you either grow it, make it, fix it, or do without.

Today, I help preserve my Appalachian culture through several overlapping vocations. I make heritage wood crafts, and make large copper kettles for my apple butter production. Along with my craft work, I also give entertaining and informative programs and demonstrations on Appalachian Mountain folklife and culture.

For those that appreciate authentic southern Appalachian Mountain crafts, I make wares that will last longer than me, and can be passed down thru your generations.

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Demonstrations and Programs

I offer informative talks and demonstrations on Appalachian folk life and crafts for schools, conventions, and resort groups.

Programs can be tailored to your group's needs and interests.


Using a drawknife, shaving bench, and other traditional tools, I rough hewn green logs into benches, ox yokes, pitchforks, and related custom work.


Using old "tinsmith" techniques, I fashion copper into pans, washtubs, and apple butter kettles up to 60 gallon size. Custom work is available unless you ask for a moonshine still.